Water Purifiers

A Portable Fluoride and Chlorine Filtering Water Bottle

Conventional water filter bottles are hard to use, as you suck or squeeze the water through a carbon filter. This restricts the amount of water you can drink as flow levels are massively decreased.

Sukori filters the water before drinking using its NSF certified Ag+ activated carbon filter.

Chemical impurities and heavy metals and odors are absorbed into the filter.

The bottle which has been recognised with a Red Dot Design Award.

Made from 100% BPA free plastics, our bottles are of the highest quality and are dishwasher proof (apart from the filter). Fill up your Sukori from any freshwater source!

  • Great For Emergencies – Drink water from any freshwater source
  • Great For Everyday Use – Removes Chlorine & Heavy Metals from Tap water
  • Great For Saving Money – Will save you hundreds of pounds by replacing overpriced bottled water, which are a environmental
  • Treats approximately 400420 ml or water
  • Comes in Blue, Green, Pink or Black
  • Patented protected design
  • Filtering takes 30-60 seconds the you do it the more impurities it removes
  • Water tastes great and odor free!
  • Filter can be used 400 times before replacing
  • Has a timing dial at the bottom of the bottle so you know when to replace your filter. So if you drink a litre of water a day It will last for 3 months
  • Can put the bottle into non filtering mode to hold Juice or other beverages

Clean water is a prerequisite for good health. Bottled water which typically use PET plastics contain chemicals that are Endocrine disruptors. This has been linked to many cancers, including breast cancer and prostate cancer. Which is why Sukori bottle is not made from a soft plastic and therefore BPA Free.