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Eco Green Products: organic fair trade products for a positive future


At Ecohip we are committed to offering the best green and eco products for our customers. We have sourced fair trade products from brands such as Ecosoapia, Dr Bronner and Tints of Nature and offer a great choice of green products. Established for over 15 years we want to give our customers the best choices when it comes to fair trade and organic products.

As well as a responsibility to ourselves we also have a responsibility to others which is why we believe in promoting sustainable fair trade products. We want to offer you the best natural and organic products so that you can maintain a chemical free home. Using our knowledge and experience we have sourced a great selection of eco products covering a range of categories.

So whether you are looking for sulphate free shampoo, innovative low energy lighting or green cleaning products you are in the right place. Take the time to browse our site and for more information feel free to give us a call on 0207 289 2121.