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Ylang-Ylang Organic Pure Essential Oil 9ml

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Extracted from the tropical Cananga Odorate Tree native to Madagascar, this intensely floral essential oil is a wonderful addition to feminine aromatherapy blends.


The extraction process takes the beautiful, yellow, star-shaped blooms of the plant and steam distills them to yield a clear and powerfully floral oil, with many benefits to both skin and mind. Emotionally Ylang Ylang is said to appeal to our inner femininity and was often used in its native country to decorate the beds of newlyweds. It also blends wonderfully with citrus oils such as Mandarin and Bergamot, helping to release tension and uplift the mind. Ylang Ylang’s cleansing properties are also helpful to people with greasy or combination skin. Applied to the face in a massage blend this oil can help to cleanse, clarify and improve skin tone.


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