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  • Urtekram Rose Deo Crystal Roll-On Organic 50 ml

Urtekram - Rose - Crystal Roll-On Deodorant - 50 ml

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Enjoy the magical scent of thousands of roses, while bacteria and bad odour are a thing of the past with natural mineral salt. In addition to this, your skin is cared for with glycerine.


Ingredients: Water, glycerine**, crystal, polysaccharide, rose geranium* and lemongrass oil*. Nothing else. * = Organic farming. ** = Made using organic ingredients. Shake before use. Naturally occurring crystals dissolve by heating bottle in water.

10 % organic of total

87 % organic of total minus water and minerals

100 % natural origin of total COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard

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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Love this deoderant
    Review by slimriggleon 12/07/2017
    I love this deoderant - smells lovely and is relatively natural. Am very pleased to find it on the internet and will be ordering more.
  • Quality
    Potassium Alum - better for you, but not as effective as Ammonium Alum
    Review by blossomon 12/07/2017
    I have used alum deodorants for many, many years. However, I only recently discovered that there are two types of alum being used. To simplify matters, Potassium Alum (natural product) is better for you from a health perspective than Ammonium alum (synthetic product). However, knowing this has led me to believe that from a deodorant point of view, Potassium Alum is not as effective. After 24 hours, my underarms are starting to have a 'whiff' about them, whereas the Ammonium Alum never lets anything through. So I guess that is the issue isn't it? If something is totally blocking your pores, sebaceous glands, follicles or whatever else, stopping any odour at all, that surely cannot be good for you.

    I have had breast cancer, so am very particular now as to what I put on my body. If you too are concerned about your health over a little smell, then choose this deodorant.
  • Quality
    Effective and fragrant deodorant
    Review by j miitchellon 12/07/2017
    This is an effective deodorant with a lovely subtle fragrance. Having tried several deodorants that don't have aluminium in them, this is the best by far.