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  •  Urtekram Organic Original Childrens Toothpaste 75ml

Urtekram - Original Childrens - Toothpaste - 75ml

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A classic and the taste that has always been hidden in Urtekram´s original children’s toothpaste. Fennel and liquorice tempt and make tooth brushing child’s play.


This toothpaste cleans effectively with the forces of nature, and it contains a strong team. The chalk Urtekram use was created millions of years ago and is simply gathered from the bottom of the sea and then pulverised. That is also the reason that their toothpaste has the natural, light grey colour of natural chalk. Furthermore, the toothpaste has a high content of aloe vera, because it helps protect your gums and provides them with some additional care. And as a small extra bonus, Urtekram have also added myrrh, which is known for its disinfecting effect. Features Organic No animal testing Vegan Ingredients Natural chalk, water, glycerine, aloe vera, polysaccharides, myrrh, fennel oil, magnolia bark extract


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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Best natural toothpaste I've found
    Review by m patson 12/07/2017
    Tastes great and sure my teeth look healthier already. I've never seen a toothpaste with all these great natural ingredients and no nasties before so am very glad to have found this! Arrived quickly and well packaged too, will definitely be buying again.
  • Quality
    Great product, lovely taste
    Review by prawnieon 12/07/2017
    Great product, lovely taste, my kids love it, even me use it sometimes :-) works and dentist has nothing to do with my kids teeth :-)