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  • Urban Spa - The Fabulous Face Sea Sponge

Urban Spa - The Fabulous Facial Sea Sponge

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Unlike most sponges, the Urban Spa Full Body Sea Sponge is unbleached to retain its natural color and prolong its life.


This is the ultimate home spa product. A product of the Caribbean, Urban Spa Sea Sponges are a renewable resource sustained through responsible harvesting. These unbleached underwater beauties are ideal for putting make-up on, taking it off and washing your face. A gentle, natural alternative to puffs, pads and facecloths, they are sustainably harvested. Rinse and squeeze water out after each use and store in a dry place. Urban Spa range offers a selection of loofahs,natural sponges and many other bath essentials 'Home Spa' experience Premium quality Affordable luxury Unbleached and sustained through responsible harvesting practices


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    fab face sea sponge
    Review by rubylon 10/07/2017
    I really like this, this is one of the best items i have ever used. I am not going to lie i was shocked. also urban spa is a very good brand and it was a fast delviery too