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  • Urban Spa - The 567 Magic-Finger Massager

Urban Spa - The 567 Magic-Finger Massager

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Wonderful hand massager, also for good use on fingers.


Urban Spa range offers a selection of loofahs,natural sponges and many other bath essentials 'Home Spa' experience Premium quality Affordable luxury Unbleached and sustained through responsible harvesting practices


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  • Quality
    Review by NickF on 09/07/2017
    So simple but works so well. Decent construction and you will be surprised at the relaxing motion of the wheels.
  • Quality
    Does the trick
    Review by KiranoKieli on 09/07/2017
    It looks just like it does on the picture. It does tickle to begin with but after that it's a very nice feeling to have it run over my back and shoulders. It doesn't give that deep massage but with it's sprickled surface and wheels it gives me such a relaxation it sometimes feels as it's replacing a harder hand massage. Sometimes I've used it to prepare me for a hand massage.

    Wonderful little thing, but I'm only going to give it 4 stars cause it broke after just a few uses. But with a bit of glue there's been no problem ever since and I use it rather often. And it's also not AS good as a proper hand massage, but then again what else than the actual thing is??