Tisserand Little Box of Motivation

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Part of our Award-Winning Wellbeing collection, The Little Box of Motivation offers you some simple steps to feel your best. Comprising of three goal-getting pulse point roller balls, to help you stay focused, work hard & make it happen.


Expertly blended with 100% natural pure essential oils, each pulse point roller ball has been formulated with motivation in mind. Easily applied to your pulse points, simply breathe in the scents to feel the benefit. Find Focus blends Rosemary, Grapefruit & Orange Leaf to give you a motivational boost to keep you on track. Energy High blends together Lime, Grapefruit & Orange Leaf to help keep you energised & determined. Stay Positive blends of Cypress, Lime & Basil helping you to believe in yourself until you reach your goals. The Little Box of Motivation is ideal for when you need an instant helping hand to fulfil your dreams. Each Little Box contains three 10ml bottles that help you to find focus, energise and stay positive. They’re perfect for popping into your bag, so you can find motivation when you’re on the go. Beautifully boxed, The Little Box of Motivation is the perfect gift for students, anyone in need of an extra boost and those who need an extra hand with staying on target with projects and resolutions.


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