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Lilly's Ecoclean - Concentrated Toilet Cleaner - Tea Tree Oil - 750 ml

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How to use
Squirt around your toilet bowl and under the rim, let it take effect (if you want!), brush and flush. Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil are very effective sanitizers against a broad range of bacteria but harmless to your septic tank.


Safe for you septic tank! Our Toilet Cleaner comes with an easy to use angle-jet spray cap that helps to get the product at those nasty areas under the rim. Squirt around the toilet bowl and under the rim, brush and flush. The natural and effective Tea Tree Oil acts like an air freshener whilst sanitizing the toilet and the acidity of the Natural Vinegar effectively tackles the limescale. Lilly’s Toilet Cleaner is scientifically proven 99.9% antibacterial.


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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Cleans well, smells industrial.
    Review by Mr. Mj Harveyon 11/07/2017
    Cleans well though smells fairly industrial, like school, or hospital clean toilets.
  • Quality
    Great sanitiser mild cleaner for the toilet.
    Review by KayBee on 11/07/2017
    I cannot survive without this cleaner, I love it so much. This will not clean stains from your toilet, I use bleach for that. But this slightly medical scented disinfectant is brilliant for spraying on your loo seat and flush handle, anywhere germs might linger, I spray all sides of the seat and wipe away with a few sheets of toilet paper which is then flushed away. Will not cause discoloration of the seat
    Allows me to feel calm at all times!
  • Quality
    toilet sparkles
    Review by georgina campbellon 11/07/2017
    Cleans great very effective in all the bathroom will be using again and again