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  • E-Cloth - Kitchen Whizz

E-Cloth - Kitchen Whizz

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The extra long fibres reach those hard-to-reach areas under taps and into corners. The dark green scrubbing stripes are made from a more abrasive material to remove stubborn dirt and residue.


The Kitchen Whizz is ideal for a quick 'whizz' around the kitchen.

  • Just wet the Whizz under the tap, wring out and clean worktops, hobs and around the sink.
  • All using just water.
  • 16 x 9cm



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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Review by Jackieed on 17/07/2017
    These cloths are amazing, they clean my windows streak free just with water!!!
  • Quality
    starsI LOVE this!
    Review by lisaon 17/07/2017
    Fantastic! One of those things you never thought you needed...till you have one, and then think "I don't want to be without one of these". Incredibly useful for mopping up, wiping and generally sponging and cleaning around a very busy home kitchen. I have ordered another one , and am thinking about "laying down" a pack of ten! Think that says it all really:)
  • Quality
    Small but perfectly formed
    Review by Jane McLurgh on 17/07/2017
    Much smaller than I anticipated, however does a great job of general washing up, wiping down work surfaces and cleaning the hob etc.

    Washes a treat in the machine, or try soaking in a small bowl of hot water with a splash of washing up liquid and a capful of bleach overnight; cloth is sanitised and ready to wipe up any morning spills.

    Still going strong after 3 months of constant use, and will buy again when necessary without hesitation :-)
  • Quality
    OK, but perhaps not much better than a standard microfibre cloth
    Review by Rascal Fanon 17/07/2017
    Works fairly well--a little on the small side. It needs to be washed/soaked in a sterilizing solution with great regularity or it starts smelling distinctly whiffy.