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Maroma - Encens d'Auroville - Cinnamon - 10 Incense Sticks

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Maroma's unparalleled expertise in blending perfectly balanced natural fragrances has been combined with the traditional method of hand rolling each individual stick of incense.


Maroma's incense is natural. Bamboo sticks are rolled into sandalwood powder and bound together with a natural gum resin, then dipped into fragrances which have been blended with essential oils. The result is a fresh and fragrant breath of unity that enhances the atmosphere and brings air to life. Beautifully packaged in silkscreened, hand-made paper made from recycled cotton yarn. Ten sticks per packet, each will last for about 45 minutes. Cinnamon fragrance. Ingredients Essential oils: Cinnamon leaf and bark, clove, lemon. A clean, spirited fragrance Natural incense sticks Beautifully packaged in silkscreened, hand made paper made from recycled cotton yarn Ten sticks per packet Fair trade, eco friendly, vegan and cruelty free


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    and so glad I started with maroma cinnamon
    Review by jmson 11/07/2017
    Coming back to burning incense....and so glad I started with maroma cinnamon incense sticks.. What a change from the incense I recall from the 60s. lol. I researched incense and this brand is one of the ones to spend your money on. It is not overpowering and not very smokey. It also does not leave as many ashes as other incense I recall burning years ago. As some reviewers have mentioned, this is a delicate incense, don't force it into the burner hole, else it will snap. Along with this incense, I bought the Trendbox Ceramic Lily Plate burner (on Amazon), which holds the stick and ashes well. The burner is beautiful and compliments the delicate smell of the Shoyeido sticks. My home smells wonderful, yet not overpowering. I will be picking up more of these.