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  • E-Cloth Home Cleaning set - 8  Cloths

E-Cloth - Home Cleaning Set - 8 Cloths

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Buying this pack is a real commitment to cleaning without chemicals. It provides 8 cloths to tackle grease, grime and bacteria on work surfaces, appliances and windows with just water.


8 Cloth Pack - 6 For High Performance Cleaning, 2 To Dry To A Streak-Free Finish & 1 Duster Cleans Using Just Water - No Cleaning Chemicals Needed Removes Thick Grease & Dirt From All Hard Kitchen Surfaces Removes Over 99% Of Bacteria Including E. Coli And Listeria The Home Cleaning Set is a great value, 8 cloth compendium to clean all around the home, using just water. The pack includes 6 different cleaning cloths that remove grease, dirt and bacteria from a variety of household surfaces, 2 Glass & Polishing Cloths to clean and dry shiny surfaces, leaving them sparkling and streak-free, plus a high performance, e-cloth Duster. Kitchen Cloth The Kitchen Cloth removes thick grease, dirt and over 99% of bacteria. It features a unique, non-scratch scrubbing pocket, to quickly and safely remove any spots of more stubborn dirt.Stainless Steel ClothThe Stainless Steel Cloth removes grease and dirt plus over 99% of bacteria. One side of this dual sided cloth features a unique, striped construction made up of small, stiff, polyester fibres. These clean deep into the 'grain' of brushed stainless steel, quickly removing grease and dirt. The smooth side offers high performance cleaning on polished steel surfaces. Hob & Oven Cloth The Hob & Oven Cloth removes stubborn grease and dirt plus over 99% of bacteria. One side of this dual sided cloth features a unique, blue striped construction made up of strong, stiff, polypropylene fibres, which quickly scrub away and loosen stuck on grease and dirt without scratching. The smooth side is then used to clean away the loosened dirt and for an all over high performance clean. Bathroom Cloth The Bathroom Cloth removes greasy grime, dirt and soap scum plus over 99% of bacteria. Its extra thick and fluffy fibres give it even greater and faster absorption, rapidly soaking up 7 times its weight in water. Window Cloth The extra-large Window Cloth cleans for longer between rinses, quickly removing dirt and grime plus over 99% of bacteria. Its special 'waffle' construction makes cleaning easy while the special fibres make light work of the cleaning. Glass & Polishing Cloth The Glass & Polishing Cloth brings the 'WOW' factor to cleaning windows, glass and all other shiny surfaces. Used dry on a damp surface, it instantly cleans and dries shiny surfaces leaving them streak-free and sparkling clean, using just water. It removes light grease, finger marks and dirt plus over 99% of bacteria and is brilliant for cleaning and finishing windows, mirrors, glass, chrome and stainless steel. Duster The high performance, super-soft duster has a natural positive static charge, which actually attracts and locks in dust and allergens.The performance of all cloths have been tested and approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute, and the pack carries their 2013 approved logo. As no chemicals are required, it is perfect for those with asthma and allergy intolerances and is endorsed by Allergy UK. They are also recommended and endorsed by Miele, Electrolux, Neff and Ideal Standard.Simple to use Important information Ingredients: MORE EFFECTIVE HEALTHY CLEANING WITH LESS EFFORT Includes eight (8) cloths to clean the entire house One 12.5"x12.5" Kitchen Cloth with Scrubbing Pocket Two (2) 16" x 20" Glass and Polishing Cloths One (1) Bathroom Cloth One (1) Window Cloth One (1) Dusting Cloth One (1) Stainless Steel Cloth One (1) Range and Stovetop Cloth e-cloth fibers attract moisture and oil lifting and trapping dirt/grease/grime/bacteria True Chemical Free Cleaning - Proven to Directions: What e-cloths clean:Kitchen Cloth-with no-scratch scrubbing pocket is for all general cleaning.Ideal for removing thick grease, grime, dirt and over 99% bacteria on allkitchen surfaces, such as countertops, granite, wood, tile, appliances, sinks,splash guards, cabinets and walls. Use the scrubbing pocket for removing stuck on grease, grime, food and dirt. Use no-scratch scrubbing pocket on non-stick surfaces without damaging no-stick coatings.Stainless Steel Cloth-Cleans brushed and polished...


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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    i love these cloths!
    Review by Orangefuzzball on 17/07/2017
    I had never heard of E-cloths until my sister started raving about the window and polishing cloths. As I need new clothes and was sick of using cheap microfiber ones that lasted five minutes I decided to buy the full pack. WOW! II thought I'd got window cleaning sussed with a scraper and microfiber, these window cloths quarter the time and effort, plus no cleaning solution. The tiles behind the hob that get spotted with grease that need scrubbing and degreaser, quick rub with the hob cloth and water is all it needs now. I love the multipurpose cloth, wash it daily in the machine and it still looks like new after a few months. I got the washing up pads as well, although they are pretty good to use generally I find them difficult to get into nooks and crannies and they became very discoloured within a couple of uses, but otherwise look unworn.

    Although it's a big outlay to get all the clothes it's saved a fortune on cleaning fluids and replacing cloths, well on the way to paying for themselves. The biggest benefit for me has been the effectiveness. I'm disabled and can only manage small bursts of cleaning, for example I would clean one window each day for a week, I can now do several windows in one stint with ease now.
  • Quality
    a great value set and great results!
    Review by chris mon 17/07/2017
    I have only relatively recently discovered e-cloths and have to say despite my initial scepticism I find them to be extremely effective.

    This set is no exception, containing 8 e-cloths in total which are a:

    Bathroom Cloth
    Hob & Oven Cloth
    Stainless Steel Cloth
    Kitchen Cloth
    Window Cloth
    Glass and Polishing Cloth (the set contains 2 of these)

    I have uploaded a couple of images of the set when I first opened it. The cloths are a little dirtier now but I’m happy to report e-cloths wash exceptionally well.

    As with previous e-cloths I have found myself using various cloths for various jobs, not just the ones stated on the box; i.e. if needing a super absorbent cloth in the kitchen I might reach for the absorbent bathroom cloth.
    I find the glass and polishing cloths one of the most useful and effective, especially when cleaning wine glasses, so it’s great there are two in this set. If you like the e-cloth range then this set is fantastic value and all cloths will be appropriate for the majority of households, even if you don’t have stainless steel to clean in your household, this cloth is versatile with a textured side and a smooth side, I have used this on our work surface and oven. All are absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend.
  • Quality
    The one cleaning aid I wouldn't be without
    Review by justcollon 17/07/2017
    The only thing that surprises me about E-cloths is that there are still people out there who have never heard of them. I don't know of any other cleaning product that is more useful and so multi-faceted. They've saved me a small fortune on liquid cleaning products since the e-cloth usually renders them unnecessary, which also means I am spared chapped hands from endless rinsing and unpleasant chemical fumes.

    I suppose it takes a leap of faith to accept that they remove almost all bacteria as we've been brainwashed into believing you need bleach or other chemicals to do this. (I do fear that today's children are growing up with little resistance to germs etc. as there are so many ads frightening and guilt-tripping parents into buying disinfectant products for every surface imaginable.)

    What I most like about Ecloths is that they leave surfaces clean and smear-free. Used damp and wrung-out they're good for removing dust on more delicate surfaces - I immediately remove any remaining dampness with the polishing cloth. Used with very hot water they are great on glass and other robust surfaces - you don't need any product and in fact soapy water impedes their effectiveness. Yes I'm pretty much evangelical about them but my adult children and other half who all used to laugh at me are now converts.

    I have tried imitations but they simply aren't in the same league.