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Bobble - Bottle for Children - 385 ml/13 oz

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Ditch costly bottled water with the affordable Kids' Bobble water bottle that filters water as you drink. This 13 oz reusable water bottle is the perfect size for kids, and because its BPA-, phthalate- and PVC-free, this bottle won't leach any contaminants into their beverages. The bottle is super lightweight, and affordable - providing high-quality, filtered water without the waste of single-use water bottles.

Plus, it's incredibly simple - just fill the squeezable bottle with water and it filters while you drink. Built-in, carbon filter removes organic contaminants and reduces chlorine levels up to 50% - meeting or exceeding NSF international standards 45 for chlorine taste and odor reduction. The Bobble water bottle is also completely recyclable.

Colorful carbon filter is connected to the cap. When it's time for a new filter (after filtering about 40 gallons), just unscrew the 100%-recyclable filter/cap and screw in a new replacement filter.

• Reusable kids mini Bobble bottle filters water of contaminants while drinking
• Bottle and filter are entirely recyclable and free from chemicals like PVC, BPA and phthalates
• Colorful replacement filters available
• Available in four colors


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