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Aura Cacia - Peppermint Essential Oil - 5 oz

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Instantly recognizable, peppermint oil has a very potent minty aroma that produces a cooling and refreshing sensation. Combine Aura Cacia Essential Oil Cooling Peppermint, lavender and a skin care oil for a soothing stomach-massage oil.


Possessing An Intense, Medicinal Aroma, Tea Tree Can Be Used By The Drop Directly On The Skin To Cleanse And Purify AURA CACIA - ESS OIL,PEPPERMINT .5 FZ AURA CACIA 051381911324 Brand New and Sealed


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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Natural insect repellant that is safe for everyone.
    Review by John Hufnagelon 10/07/2017
    After much debate on chemical barriers for insects and dogs, we decided to go natural and stop poisoning our dogs blood.
    The mixture of natural oils does a good job on repelling mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. Works for days, not expensive and harmless to us, our pets and the environment.Highly recommend you try some.
  • Quality
    LOVE Aura Cacia
    Review by KAT WALLSon 10/07/2017
    I really love Aura Cacia oils. I got roped into EOs through a cousin who sells Young Living, even though I'd been interested in them for a while, but the price of YL is just too crazy. I started looking for a highly rated and reviewed brand that still had the quality but not the price tag. Aura Cacia fits that bill and more. The oils are great quality, they're great concentrate, and they last really well in the diffuser.

    I love the Peppermint especially. It's strong enough that I only need a few drops to get rid of a headache or quell nausea. :)
  • Quality
    Delightful Oil / Difficult Cap
    Review by copper caVALIERon 10/07/2017
    Aura Cacia makes quality essential oils at a reasonable price. However, the child-proof cap makes it very difficult to use and enjoy these oils! I always have so much trouble getting the bottle open, especially in winter. I have five different bottles of Aura Cacia oils, and every cap is troublesome. I've never had any trouble opening other brands of essential oils.

    Using essential oils is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Well, it would be if I could get the cap open!

    It would be nice if Aura Cacia sold bottles with regular caps, and offered child-proof caps free to customers upon request.

    Now for the peppermint oil itself:

    There are so many uses for peppermint oil, but it's especially soothing for sinus symptoms. I have found tremendous relief for sinus pain and congestion, using an equal amount of peppermint oil and spike lavender oil in a diffuser. The oils also give a pleasant feeling of well-being. If you don't have spike lavender, you can also mix the peppermint oil with equal portions of eucalyptus oil and traditional lavender oil, (angustifolia). For best results, place the diffuser in a small, closed room.

    Hope this oil helps you as much as it has helped me!
  • Quality
    Nice product
    Review by big shopperon 10/07/2017
    Not only it's natural, it's also organic. I use it on my scalp after drying my hair and I use it twice a day, it seems to help with stopping my hair loss.

    UPDATE: My hair had been falling for at least 6 months before I started using this oil. It stopped falling after using this for a couple of months. My hairstylist commented a couple weeks ago when I got my hair cut that I have a lot of new hair coming out, the new hair is only an inch long but he said my hair will be back to its thickness after it grows about about 3-4 inches longer. I'm so happy and order 4 more to make sure I always have on hands.
  • Quality
    This oil is amazing so many benefits
    Review by Claribelon 10/07/2017
    This oil is amazing so many benefits! I used it to get rid of toenail fungus and it's extremely potent you MUST dilute, had a burning sensation with I didn't dilute ...I recommend coconut oil since it also has anti fungal properties
  • Quality
    Organic, Therapeutic Grade Peppermint Essential Oil for Aromatherapy and More
    Review by okdokeyon 10/07/2017
    This is an excellent quality essential oil of peppermint and is certified organic as well as, according to the label, being "tested and verified for purity Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectometry." It also clearly states on the label that the source is U.S.

    I've been using this to help cure an intractable skin infection on our white lab and it has helped tremendously. Peppermint has medicinal value as an antifungal agent and is actually soothing to the skin. I made an aromatherapy oil using about 2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil, 3 drops of this peppermint oil, and about 12 drops of an organic lavender essential oil Lavender Essential Oil Tisserand 0.33 oz Oil, which I rubbed on the affected areas, then "suited up" our pup with some old t-shirts to keep her from licking off the "medicine." It's actually helped tremendously and she's almost well, so this gets an A++ from me. Plus, it smells delightfully refreshing.

    I'd also highly recommend a book on aromatherapy/essential oils if you're interested in the medicinal benefits of these powerful distilled plant products (usually made from leaves, stems, and buds). They've been an important part of folk medicine for centuries and there are many benefits to learning more. Here's an excellent beginning: The Practice of Aromatherapy: A Classic Compendium of Plant Medicines and Their Healing Properties.

    Enthusiastically recommended for its quality; A++!

    Have a question about this essential oil? Just leave a comment & I'll be happy to help you, if I can.