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Maroma - Encens d'Auroville - Patchouli - 10 Incense Sticks

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Modern concepts of Fair Trade and quality of production are combined with the creative use of essential elements in their purest forms to develop a range of products that is both excitingly up-to-date and timeless in its appeal.


You are about to discover natural home fragrance products that were born of a place that combines the time-proven methodology of an ancient civilization with the French predilection for composing perfectly balanced aromatics. Evocative of a deep-rooted and bountiful tradition, but still original and sophisticated, Maroma’s fragrances captivate your senses. View our exotic range of products here. Intriguing and warm Natural incense sticks Beautifully packaged in silkscreened, hand made paper made from recycled cotton yarn Ten sticks per packet Fair trade, eco friendly, vegan and cruelty free


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