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Tisserand Frankincense Wild Crafted Essential Body Oil 9 ml

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Extracted from the resin of the tree grown in Somalia, frankincense is ideal in massage or the bath to elevate the mind and bring peace to the senses. Blends well with bergamot, black pepper and sandalwood


Wild Crafted Frankincense pure essential oil 9 ml Spiritual, warm and tranquil Oriental balsamic aroma to elevate the mind and senses Free from artificial fragrances and parabens Not tested on animals Tisserand products contain only pure essential oils, not synthetic fragrances. They are guaranteed free from parabens and SLES/SLS. Products and ingredients are not tested on animals by or for Tisserand Aromatherapy. Vegan Society approved. Ingredients Frankincense oil


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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    An essential in my Aromatherapy Oils kit
    Review by Celticprincesson 09/07/2017
    As a regular user of Aromatherapy for both beauty & health, this particular oil is an essential in my home-remedy kit. Tisserand quality with ease of purchase & delivery by Amazon. Delighted.
  • Quality
    Truly fabulous oil!
    Review by sunnyon 09/07/2017
    Pungent and aromatic, a wonderful aromatherapy and skin care essential, love that this is wildcrafted and assured by the Tisserand Brand
  • Quality
    excellent value
    Review by Bethannieon 09/07/2017
    I could have had a cheaper bottle but Tisserand is a brand i trust and i know that the oil is 100% pure and that is more important than price. Excellent.
  • Quality
    great quality
    Review by bright lighton 09/07/2017
    I bought some Frankincense oil from Ebay, it didn't smell very nice. Came here, read the reviews and am glad I bought a reputable brand, as only a couple of drops was needed to add to 10 mls of facial massage oil and the aroma is long lasting. Frankincense is great for anti ageing, spiritual work and before sleep ... it's calming and relaxing. This seems very good quality.
  • Quality
    A trusted brand, very good quality.
    Review by andyon 09/07/2017
    Great quality, my son done a lot of research looking for a good brand with high quality and has purchased many Tisserand oils for his diffuser.
    So when I was after a good quality frankincense Essential Oil it didn't take me long after reading a few reviews to go with the tisserand brand, when using frankincense oil you get what you pay for, don't buy cheap because it won't be 100% it will be diluted.

    Frankincense has so many uses:
    Immune System: Frankincense Oil is effective as an antiseptic
    Oral Health: Those same antiseptic qualities also make frankincense oil a useful preventative measure against oral issues, like bad breath, toothaches, cavities, mouth sores, and other infections
    Astringent: The astringent property of Frankincense Oil has many benefits, because it strengthens gums, hair roots, tones and lifts skin, contracts muscles, intestines and blood vessels, and thereby gives protection from premature losses of teeth and hair
    Emenagogue: Frankincense essential oil reduces obstructed and delayed menstruation and delays the advent of menopause
    Carminative: Frankincense oil eliminates gas and prevents it from building up in the body
    Cicatrisant: This is an interesting property of Frankincense Oil, and since skin health and anti-aging are such hot topics these days, this essential oil has become even more important! When applied topically or inhaled, it can makes the scars and after marks of boils, acne and pox on the skin fade at a much faster rate
    Digestive: Suffering from indigestion
    Anti-Aging: As a Cytophylactic, Frankincense Oil promotes regeneration of healthy cells and also keeps the existing cells and tissues healthy
    Tonic: Overall, frankincense essential oil tones and boosts health and is therefore considered a tonic. It benefits all the systems operating in the body
    Diuretic: that could help you release water from the body through urination
    Respiratory Issues: It soothes coughs and eliminates phlegm deposited in the respiratory tracts and the lungs
    It also has so many other benefits, the list goes on and on.

    The Tisserand Frankincense Wild Crafted Essential Oil comes in a box plus is sealed in a bag, I'm very pleased with the quality and would highly recommend the Tisserand Frankincense oil.